Our Team of beautiful Norfolk Marketing Consultants

Nicola Bray, Managing Partner, Maze Media
Nicola says: "I feel very lucky to have such a talented group of people here at Maze"

As Managing Partner at Maze Media, Nicola Bray rarely gets chance to stop, which is good news as she is a self-confessed workaholic. Her passion for the business and its clients shines through to the rest of the team and forms the basis on which Maze is built.

Nicola's experience comes from both client and agency backgrounds in London and Norfolk. Formerly working as a marketing and advertising consultant for some major brands.

Do you have a question for Nicola? Please email her, here.

Nicola Bray

Director & Managing Partner
Maze Team Member - David - SEO
David says: "The thing I most like about Maze, is the honesty shared as individuals and as a company"

David Wilson is known as the Maze Media encyclopaedia, Norfolk's answer to Sherlock Holmes, if you will. As a trained astrophysicist, David tackles every problem with a logical and methodical approach. It's this attitude that makes him such an effective, deviceful and creative online marketing expert.

Not only is he super intelligent, he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Do you have a question for David? Please email him, here.

David Wilson

Digital Services Director & Partner
Charlie Roughton, Client Services, Maze Media
Charlie says: "I love the fact that no day is ever the same at Maze"

Charlie's smile could brighten up the dullest of days at any marketing agency - luckily, we don't experience too many of them here in Kings Lynn! Her calm approach and creative thinking means no problem is ever too big to overcome.

As a keen perfectionist, Charlie refuses to cut corners and it's this mentality that helps Maze maintain the high level of service you'll experience when working with us.

Do you have a question for Charlie Roughton? Please email her, here.

Charlie Roughton

Senior Account Manager & Partner
Nick Curtis, Maze Media, Graphic Designer
Nick says: "Maze are not like other agencies, no jargon, no confusion, just honest ideas and good work"

Nick steers the creative team at Maze Media, overseeing everything from branding projects to complex web designs. With five graphic designers, Maze are one of the largest provincial creative agencies in East Anglia.

Nick is constantly thinking of the bigger picture when working on a project, no matter how small it may seem, helping to realise its potential.

Do you have a question for Nick Curtis? Please email him, here.

Nick Curtis

Creative Services Director & Partner
Team Member - Matt
Matt says: "Maze is like nowhere else I've ever worked - youthful, lively and entertaining, but also dedicated and professional"

Our head of public relations, Matt, has experience as a chief reporter in local media, as head of communications for the six-county East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and in agency public relations.

Matt's background in journalism has put him in good stead for his successful career in PR. If you want an effective news piece or PR campaign strategy writing, Matt is your man!

Do you have a question for Matt? Please email him, here.

Matt Ware

Head of Public Relations
Marketing advice, King's Lynn
Robyn says: "I'm delighted to be working for one of the largest marketing agencies in East Anglia!"

Robyn joined Maze Media in the spring of 2012, after successfully completing a Marketing BA Honours degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Her fantastic positive attitude and drive to get projects completed ensures our clients are in capable hands regardless of which marketing services we're providing. Robyn keeps us smiling with her funny anecdotes and optimistic outlook on life.

Do you have a question for Robyn? Please email her, here.

Robyn Hartley

Account Manager
Hannah Hornigold, Maze Media, Graphic Designer
Hannah says: "Being a designer for Maze Media means I get to do what I love, with people who share the same passion as me."

Hannah forms a key part of our creative jigsaw puzzle with her alternative take on design.

We were excited to learn that Hannah is related to the famous 18th century English pirate, Captain Benjamin Hornigold. He was responsible for teaching the now even more famous 18th century English pirate, Blackbeard. Graphic design is arguably a safer career choice, however.

Do you have a question for Hannah? Please email her, here.

Hannah Hornigold

Graphic Designer
Paula Dorman, Maze Media, Office Manager
Paula says: "I like working here because it's nice to get out of the house"
Despite her ever-present addiction to laughing and singing, Paula is responsible for everything that makes our marketing agency tick over. Her bubbling personality lights up the office and in doing so, keeps everyone in a great mood. Everything from HR information to invoices are tucked away in Paula's "confidentiality corner", where she also stores her stash of sweets. Do you have a question for Paula? Please email her, here.

Paula Dorman

Finance Manager
Emily Mitchell, Maze Media, Online Marketing
Emily says: "What I love most about Maze is our friendly motivated team, everyone is dedicated to getting the best results for our clients."
Emily moved to Maze Media after gaining much experience running e-commerce sites and their PPC Campaigns in the printing industry. Her analytical eye and attention to detail makes her an important part of the Maze machine! Emily is also a fitness fanatic and loves to cycle, although her car is mysteriously parked outside the office more often than her bike! Do you have a question for Emily? Please email her, here.

Emily Mitchell

Senior Digital Executive
Dan Simkins, Maze Media, Graphic Designer
Dan says: "I love working at Maze because when it comes to design we're so versatile and dynamic in ideas, concepts and taste"
Dan is fanatical about design and typography. His enthusiasm for making something brilliant and his disdain for "that'll do" means your project is in safe hands. Graduating from Nottingham Trent with a degree in Graphic Design, he gained a few years industry experience before joining our team. When we release Dan from his cage, he scurries home to "crack on" with his projects, such is his dedication to design. Do you have a question for Dan? Please email him, here.

Dan Simkins

Senior Designer
Damien Cross - Maze Media - Marketing Agency
Damien says: "I'm really excited to be a part of Maze as it grows, the future is very bright!"
Damien joined the Maze Media team in November 2012 as our Direct Marketing Manager. He will be heavily involved with the digital work for some of the largest brands we work on. His experience and expertise in certain fields makes him a valuable new member of our agency. F1 addict Damien, is a keen amateur racing driver and plans to organise a Maze Media karting race! Watch this space. Do you have a question for Damien? Please email him, here.

Damien Cross

Digital Manager
Abbie Panks, Maze TV, Video Production
Abbie says: "Working with Maze allows you to be creative, trying and testing ideas until you find the one that fits"

Abbie looks after the Maze TV and video production side of the agency. She has a hugely creative mind, bubbling with ideas, concepts and visions. She has the ability to take your requirements to the next level when it comes to video.

Abbie doesn't really know the meaning of "spare time" as she has filled it with other exciting projects and admirable charity work!

Do you have a question for Abbie? Please email her, here.

Abbie Panks

Maze TV Video Producer
Rob Delph, Maze Media, Web Design
Rob says: "I love the team we have at Maze Media, full of helpful and insightful individuals"
Rob is as cool as they come, we call him the "The Refrigerator", well actually, we don't but we really should. His knowledge, creativity and insight ensures he is one of the first ports of contact for any web design or development queries. Not only is he a superb developer he is also a passionate graphic designer. Do you have a question for Rob? Please email him, here.

Rob Delph

Senior Web Developer
Kirsty MacLeod - Maze Media - Marketing Agency
Kirsty says: "I am enjoying working with the Maze online marketing team"
Kirsty joined Maze in the summer of 2013 as cover for maternity leave. Her experience, skill-set and enthusiasm have ensured a smooth transition period for a wide range of clients who retain our direct marketing services. With both a marketing agency and client background, Kirsty settled immediately into the Maze mould and is looking forward to working with more clients across a wide range of projects. Do you have a question for Kirsty? Please email her, here.

Kirsty MacLeod

Junior Digital Executive
Graphic design, art and design
Megan says: "Maze have given me the opportunity to harness my skills and create some great work for clients at the same time!"

Megan has bags of natural artistic talent and we were really thrilled to retain her services fresh from the College of West Anglia where she studied Graphic Design.

Megan has been with us over a year now and works in our creative team helping to produce, prepare and maintain the high quality of design work we create here at Maze Media.

Do you have a question for Megan? Please email her, here.

Megan Spriggs

Junior Designer
Ella Tansley, Junior Account Executive, King's Lynn
Ella says: "I'm really excited to be working at Maze Media and can't wait to work with businesses all over the country!"

Ella joined Maze in the summer of 2012 and now looks after numerous key accounts. Her methodical and thorough approach ensures every detail is checked and all work is produced to a very high level.

Ella has studied English to master's level and loves nothing more than a good book, and checking for grammatical errors!

Do you have a question for Ella? Please email her, here.

Ella Tansley

Account Manager
Penny Smith, Maze Media, Marketing Assistant
Penny says: "Maze is the most dedicated and vibrant company I have ever worked for."

Penny has been with Maze Media a long time, since we formed in fact, and provides marketing assistance for some of our largest accounts.

Her expertise in certain sectors has been invaluable for some of our clients and helps to coordinate and manage key campaigns and schemes.

Do you have a question for Penny? Please email her, here.

Penny Smith

Marketing Assistant
Chris Girdlestone, Web Development
Chris says: "I'm really pleased to be gaining experience with Maze, a lovely bunch!"

Chris originally joined us from the UEA on a temporary summer placement in 2012. However he made such an impression on our digital team that we offered him a full time job upon completion of his Computing Science degree.

The whiz kid will return to Maze Media next year to begin his career, whilst also studying for a master's degree in his spare time. It's a good job he thrives on being kept busy! 

Do you have a question for Chris? Please email him, here.

Chris Girdlestone

Sanjay Boddu - Maze Media - Marketing Agency
Sanjay says: "Working at Maze has been great. There are so many different projects and challenges happening all at once."

Sanjay initially joined us on an internship from the University of East Anglia and was employed as a web developer on a permanent basis soon after.

In an industry that is constantly changing we have to stay on top of new ideas, approaches and disciplines. Having superb professionals such as Sanjay in the team means solutions to problems are never far away.

Do you have a question for Sanjay? Please email him, here.

Sanjay Boddu

Alex Sayers - Maze Media - Marketing Agency

Alex Sayers

Content Writer
Nancy - Maze Media - Marketing Agency

Nancy Barnard

Marketing Assistant
Louis Brindle - Maze Media - Marketing Agency
Louis says: "It's great to have creative freedom at somewhere as exciting as Maze"

Louis Brindle is following the same path as our very own Megan Spriggs, from studying graphic design at the College of West Anglia to the creative team at Maze Media.

Louis, who is "Facebook famous" (look him up), has an abundance of talent and is heavily involved with some of the latest video and graphics work coming from Maze.

Do you have a question/fan mail for Louis? Please email him, here.

Louis Brindle

Creative Assistant
Megan Lee - Maze Media - Marketing Agency
Megan says: "I am Megan L. Don't get me mixed up with Megan S."
Creativity and organisation are two key qualities for a digital and direct marketing role, and Megan has those in spades. With her background in fashion, retail and e-commerce, she adds common sense and a preternatural business acumen to her considerable enthusiasm, and the end product is a great result for any client lucky enough to have her working on their account. Do you have a question for Megan? Please email her, here.

Megan Lee

Junior Digital Executive
JAc - Maze Media - Marketing Agency

Jack Collison

Web Developer
Pedro - Maze Media - Marketing Agency

Pedro Ferreira

Web Developer