Do you know what a Rick Roll essay is? We do…

Never has there been a better time to talk about social media marketing. Whether you’re
going to need a simple campaign with the big networks like Facebook and Twitter, right up
to a full social media strategy, we understand that social networking is a great opportunity to
give your brand a fresh boost or create awareness for a brand new business.

You will be in charge, but we can fully control your accounts or just suggest a strategy. It’s
up to you how much or how little you do yourself, but we can make sure that what goes out is
never irrelevant nor inappropriate (nor even dull!) and is always engaging. We are constantly
going through the various social media channels, taking note of trends and what’s going
to work best for our different clients. Your blogs, social marketing sites and online newsfeeds,
let alone the more famous social media networks, should all be working smartly together for
you and your business. With us you know that if a network is becoming big, from the UK to
Down Under, we’re ready to make the most of it for you. We also know that social media will
never be a stand-alone tool, it needs to integrate with your other platforms, but in a way that’s
going to make real a difference to your business.

To be most effective your online marketing has to be consistent, so having a single team to
run everything means that you can be confident it’s fulfilling its potential. Of course we’ll be
around to follow your lead and make sure your social media will still be completely bespoke –
and knowing you’re in control without having to do the work will feel like you’re relaxing on a
desert island.

You may have thought about using Twitter and Facebook, but what about others? If you have
never considered sites like Tumblr, Pinterest or even YouTube, where image-led people are
going to view what’s new, you could be missing out on groups of consumers who are willing
to engage with your message and potentially use your product or service. Maze can even
make the videos for you, and advise on how to engage with different demographics.

You may want to use B2B networks like LinkedIn, or ones tailored to your industry, but you
cry out for advice on how best to use them to actually make a difference to your business.
Never giving it a go would be a shame, but trying it without a clear, fully integrated strategy is
going to be a waste of time, and that’s why our experience can help you along.

To a newcomer this may seem like a huge world of hashtags and you may not know what to
say to get noticed and gain a following. But with an integrated social strategy you can say
goodbye to your ‘newcomer’ status, and join the rest of the modern business world. You may
never get the exposure that social media offers using other more traditional avenues, and be
going round in circles whilst your competitors move forward, gaining likes, links, and contacts
to suppliers and consumers through social networks. That’s where we can help you. We won’t
tell you how to run your business (that’s your job), but we can make sure that when you start
a social media campaign you are making the most of it.

Lie back, relax and think of that desert island. Maze can take the stress out of social media,
and you can just do as much or as little as you like. We’ll make sure your strategy doesn’t
hurt your business. Finally, to show how much we know about new trends, you’ll see that if
you read the first word of every line above, this is a Rick Roll essay. Rick Roll